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Pipette Tips for Finn LMTS-B104

Pipette Tips for Finn LMTS-B104

Pipette Tips for Finn LMTS-B104 are designed to work seamlessly with Finn pipettes, guarantee a tight fit, minimize the risk of errors, and assure accurate liquid transfers. It holds up to 1000 µL loading samples easily visible via transparent tips. Enhanced with seamless finn compatibility, lowering the risk of contamination and sample carryover. Utilized with DNase, RNase, and pyrogen-free guaranteed to protect the integrity of your protein and nucleic acid samples.

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Compatibility Finn
Capacity 1000 μL
Type Non-Filter
Color Blue

point.png Designed with a leakage-free smooth inner wall virtually eliminating the risk of leakage and sample residuals

point.png Crafted from polypropylene material ensures optimal chemical resistance and durability

point.png The autoclavable function allows for a convenient and effective means of disinfection without compromising tip quality

point.png Suspended with pre-sterilized feature expedites workflow and saves time without sacrificing sterility

point.png Effortless sample handling ensures a user-friendly feature to guarantee a comfortable grip, minimizing hand fatigue

It is widely used in laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry, and research institutes to protect the pipette and the sample from the aerosol.

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Pipette Tips for Finn LMTS-B104