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Pipette Pump LMPP-A101

Pipette Pump LMPP-A101

Pipette Pump LMPP-A101 is designed for one-handed operation featuring a comfortable grip that reduces hand fatigue during precise and controlled liquid handling. Enhanced with accurate and precise liquid dispensing with loading a capacity of 10 mL. Utilized with a quick-release mechanism facilitates swift and easy tip ejection, allowing for faster sample processing. A built-in calibration ensures that the pipette accuracy is maintained throughout time.

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Capacity 10 mL
Color Green

point.png Fitted with a thumbwheel, that offers precise control over liquid aspiration and dispensing

point.png Suspended with single-use tips compatibility that reduces the possibility of cross-contamination between samples

point.png Utilized with acid and alkali resistance ensures that it retains its integrity and performance even while handling caustic substances

point.png Constructed from polypropylene, a durable and chemically resistant material that ensures safety and long-term usability

point.png Available in three different colors-coded features improves sample handling efficiency

It is widely used in the medical field and laboratory to extract, transport, and dispense liquid samples.

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Pipette Pump LMPP-A101