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Microbial Air Sampler LMAL-A100

Microbial Air Sampler LMAL-A100

Microbial Air Sampler LMAL-A100 collects air at 100 liters/min with a sampling range of 0.01 to 9.0 m³. Our air sampler is enhanced with multi-jet holes each with a flow rate of 0.38m/s. It provides programmable features that enable automatic control of the sampling time. Integrated with an LCD for real-time monitoring of various parameters

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Sampling Volume 100 L/min
Sampling Quantity 0.01 to 9.0 m³
Sampling Time Automatic
Flow Velocity of Sampling Holes 0.38 m/s
Sampling Low Noise pump sampling
Petri Dish Diameter Ø 90 × 15 mm
Power Supply AC 110/220V±10%50/60Hz
Rechargeable Battery DC 14.8 V / 5000 mAh
Operational Time of Battery 6 to 8 h
Data Storage 256 Sample
Internal Dimension 235 × 220 × 180 mm
External Dimension 400 × 430 × 240 mm
Net Weight 4.8 Kg
Gross Weight 8.5 Kg

point.png Crafted with SUS304 stainless steel

point.png Designed with energy-efficient microprocessor control systems

point.png Easy to clean and maintain

point.png Supports data storage

It is used for quality inspection across the food & biological product industry, hospitals, drug/medicines manufacturing plants, etc.

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Microbial Air Sampler LMAL-A100