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Manual Polarimeter LMMP-401

Manual Polarimeter LMMP-401

Manual Polarimeter LMMP-401 is suitable for measuring the optical rotation of optically active substances which comes with 589 nm standard sodium lamp (-180) °C to 180 °C measurement range for determining the concentration of the optical active substance, dissolved in an optically inactive liquid. It is ideal for determining purity of sample. Angle of rotation to be measured depends on the nature of the test sample, concentration of the optically active components, wavelength of light, temperature of the test sample and optical path length.

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Range ±180°C
Scale value
Vernier Scale 0.05°
Light Source Sodium lamp
Wave length 589 nm
Tube Length 50, 100 or 200 mm
Power AC 220 V/50 Hz
Dimensions(L×W×H) 550×135×330 mm
Weight 5 Kg

point.png User can observe the distinct visual fields through eye piece

point.png Polarimetric measurement range is ±180°C

point.png Very low power utilization

point.png It can be used for basic laboratory applications

point.png Purity and concentration measurement

point.png Low power consumption


It is ideal for determining concentration levels of samples for applications in medical, educational, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries Widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical and research industry

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Manual Polarimeter LMMP-401