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Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner LMIUC-U309

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner LMIUC-U309

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner LMIUC-U309 is intended for use on an industrial production line. This high-performance heavy-duty system is divided into three fundamental components: an ultrasonic bath, transducers, and a heater. The volume range is 500 L, and the ultrasonic power range is 6000 W. This machine comes with a tank temperature management system, as well as an ultrasonic cycle timer and generator. It is totally self-contained in a robust, all-stainless cabinet with an easy-access front-mounted control panel.

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Tank Capacity 500 L
Ultrasonic Power 6000 W
Ultrasonic Frequency 28 KHz or 40 KHz
Heating Power 12 Kw
Timer Setting 1-9999 seconds
Temperature Setting 0 to 100°C
Power Supply AC220-240V, 50Hz; AC380-400V, 60Hz for heater
Tank Dimension (W×D×H) 1200×700×600 mm
Product Dimension (W×D×H) 1420×920×820 mm
Packing Dimension (W×D×H) 155×101×102 cm
Net Weight 220 kg
Gross Weight 250 kg

point.png 24 hours long running time, a long cleaning tank with basket

point.png Ultrasonic generator with sweep frequency mode

point.png Visible ultrasonic power adjustable from 0-100%

point.png Long working time of 1-9999 seconds timer

point.png 0-100°C adjustable heater

point.png 5-100% adjustable ultrasonic power

point.png Automatic sweep frequency and fine turning mode

point.png Anti-corrosive strong stainless steel cleaning tank

point.png Visible heating system and digital control panel

point.png 2.2mm thickness 304# stainless steel customized tank available

point.png 300-800L tank with single or multiple generators

point.png Immersible ultrasonic vibration plates with independent generators

point.png Available in 2 tanks or multi-tanks and also with lifting system

point.png Automated ultrasonic cleaner with filtration system

point.png Separately designed for cleaning both ceramic and stainless steel anilox rollers (Frequency 40 KHz)

Ultrasonic uses high frequency pressure (sound) waves to agitate a liquid, creating high forces on contaminants adhering to any substrates and thoroughly removing all traces of contamination. Used to clean a wide range of objects, including scientific samples, industrial metal parts, and electronic equipment and also in scientific laboratories, pharmaceutical industries & research institutes.

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Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner LMIUC-U309