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Trinocular Fluorescence Microscope LMFM-701

Trinocular Fluorescence Microscope LMFM-701

Trinocular Fluorescence Microscope LMFM-701 adopts infinity correct optical system and LED light is used as source of illumination. Fluorescence epi-illuminator incorporated with a 5W fluorescence illumination and 3W LED Chroma transmitted light to produce wide spectrum of ultraviolet for dark field illumination systems. Trinocular head comes with an Ø 30 mm photo port. Bright field illumination system employs light source with a field diaphragm for precision control. Provided with Siedentopf Trinocular head inclined at 30° by 360° rotatable head. Quintuple nosepiece ensures quick access to five plan achromatic objective lenses 4X, 10X, 20X, 40X, 100X to provide infinite correction for both chromatic aberration and field geometry.

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Viewing Head 30° Inclined
Objective 4X/10X/40X/100X
Nosepiece 5 Holes
Eyepiece WF10X20
Power Supply AC100 to 240 V/DC 12V
Light Source 3W LED
Color White and Blue

point.png Focusing of specimen can be adjusted using coaxial coarse and fine focusing adjustment knob

point.png Supplied with an adjustable stop to prevent damage to sample and objectives

point.png Coarse adjustments are equipped with friction control

point.png Innovative design offers larger apertures, allowing optical system of the microscope to produce images at higher resolutions

point.png LED with low energy consumption

point.png Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm and swing-out-filter-holder

point.png Variable-intensity LED Koehler illumination system for efficient lighting

point.png Precision mechanical stage with slide clamp

point.png Infinity corrected optical system provides high quality and high resolution images

It is widely used for biological research centers, environmental monitoring, industrial sectors and educational institutes

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Trinocular Fluorescence Microscope LMFM-701