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Flammable Storage Cabinet LMFSC-A100

Flammable Storage Cabinet LMFSC-A100

Flammable Storage Cabinet LMFSC-A100 is a specialized storage unit designed to safely store flammable liquids and materials. It helps minimize the risk of fire, ensuring safety of the operator and environment. Constructed of 18-gauge steel to enhance durability and sturdiness. Cabinet accommodates the quantity of flammable materials without overloading, promoting safety.

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Storage Capacity 1000 L
Shelves 4 (adjustable)
Coating Fire resistance and chemical corrosion resistance
Dimension 1200 × 500 × 2000 mm

point.png Double walled design improves fire resistance

point.png Vents release harmful fumes and maintain air circulation within cabinet

point.png Wire baffle and cap adds an extra layer of safety

point.png Yellow high gloss powder finish serves as a visual indicator

point.png Grounding reduces risk of sparks

point.png 3-point key lock, enhances security

point.png Leakproof door sill prevents leakage

Flammable storage cabinets are essential for storage and handling of flammable materials across laboratories, hospitals, healthcare sectors, academic institutions, chemical storage, etc.

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Flammable Storage Cabinet LMFSC-A100