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ESR Analyser LMESR-A101

ESR Analyser LMESR-A101

ESR Analyser LMESR-A101 is a compact benchtop unit comes with a loading capacity of 10 samples with 10 reading channel. It offers measurement range of 1 to 140 mm/hr with throughput up to 80 samples/hr along with blood level ranging from 50 to 64 mm. The unit is equipped with a large color touch-screen LCD display, an internal thermal recorder, and RS232 ports. The measuring time can be set in two modes: 30 minutes or 60 minutes with a sample interval of 3 minutes. It is an excellent device where it can store upto 4000 results. It uses infrared sensor as main measuring principle and the westergren method for analysis result.

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Measuring Principle Infrared sensor
Analysis Result Westergren ESR value (mm/hr)
Throughput Upto 80 samples per hour
Reading Channels 10
Loading Capacity 10 samples at a time
Loading Pattern Random
Measurement Range 1 to 140 mm/hr
Measuring Time 30 minutes or 60 minutes selectable
Sample Interval 3 minutes
Temperature Compensation Refer to 18°C automatically (selectable)
Reading Resolution ± 0.1 mm
Result Resolution 1mm/1h, 1mm/2h
Blood level Range 50 to 64 mm
Display Color LCD screen
Input Touch screen
Interface RS-232 serial port
Print Internal thermal recorder
Storage 4000 results
Power Supply AC 100/240 V 60/50 Hz, 50 W
Operation Condition Working temperature: 5°C to 40°C, Humidity : ≤ 80%
Dimension (L × W × H) 365 × 300 × 180 mm
Net Weight 11 kg

point.png Offers different loading capacity with channels

point.png Infrared sensor measuring principle

point.png Westergren analysis method is used

point.png Measurement range 1 to 140 mm/hr

point.png Throughput up to 80 samples/hr

point.png The display features a large color touchscreen LCD display

point.png The measuring time can be set to 30 minutes or 60 minutes

point.png The unit comes with 10 to 40 reading channels

point.png Built with a printer that prints the ESR curve

point.png Connection to LIS is possible

point.png Memory storage upto 4000 results

point.png Rapid detection

point.png Easy to operate and provides high-resolution

point.png User-friendly interface

point.png Results are automatically temperature compensated

Barcode reader

ESR Analyzers finds application in hospitals, clinical laboratories, and medical research centers to measure erythrocyte sedimentation rate.

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ESR Analyser LMESR-A101