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Digital Slide Scanner LMDS-A100

Digital Slide Scanner LMDS-A100

Digital Slide Scanner LMDS-A100 can simultaneously accommodate and scan up to six slides. It provides a scanning image resolution of ≤ 0.25 µm per pixel, ensuring precise examination of pathological samples. Equipped with a high-resolution camera featuring a global shutter. This scanner captures images with minimal distortion. Our scanner can also identify specified areas and take high-definition screenshots.

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Capacity 6 slides
Scanning Image Resolution ≤ 0.25 µm / pixel
Scanning Process Automation Simple sample loading
Scanning Area Size 15 × 15 mm
Objective Lens 20X
Camera Resolution 3200 × 2200 pixels
Camera Sensor Size 1 inch
Numerical Aperture (NA) 0.75
XY Drivers Resolution 5 µm
Z Auto Focus Resolution 0.25 µm
Images Format JPEG or BMP
Light Source LED with >20000 hours of service life
Scan Control One-click scanning; pause/stop via software; supports sample add-in during the scan
Power Consumption 500W
Dimension 800 ×550 × 550mm
Weight 75 Kg

point.png Embedded PC with advanced graphics capability

point.png Stores the image data

point.png Multiple image format

point.png Auto sample positioning

point.png History image browsing and review

point.png Automatic recognition of smear contour

point.png LED light source

Digital Slide Scanner is utilized in medical diagnostics, research institutions, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, forensic labs, and veterinary medicine for high-resolution analysis of tissue samples.

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Digital Slide Scanner LMDS-A100