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Clinical Centrifuge LMCC- A103

Clinical Centrifuge LMCC- A103

Clinical Centrifuge LMCC- A103 is an ideal equipment for measuring small sample volumes with a maximum speed range of 300 to 4500 rpm. It is associated with a brushless DC motor and an electronic lid lock with automatic release function. The press-and-hold pulse key makes it an ideal instrument for rapid spinning, and gentle breaking at low speed provides efficient separation. The LCD displays the speed and relative centrifugal force.

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Speed Range 300- 4500 rpm, increment: 100 rpm
Maximum RCF 2490 × g
Speed Accuracy ± 20 rpm
Run Time 30sec- 99 min HOLD (continuous operation)
Motor Brushless DC motor
Safety Devices Door interlock, overspeed detector, automatic internal diagnosis
Acceleration/ Braking Time A12-10 P: 20s ↑ 13s↓ A6-50P: 20s ↑ 20s/90s ↓
Display LCD
Power Consumption 70 W
Power Supply Single phase, 100 V- 240V, 50Hz/60Hz, 3A
Dimensions (W × D × H) 354 × 304 × 215 mm
Weight 69Kg

point.png Speed unit can be set to RPM or RCF

point.png Maintenance-free brushless DC motor

point.png Quick spin function with press and hold pulse key

point.png Lid with electronic lock and automatic release function

point.png Automatic lid-lock release after operation

point.png 2 step adjustable braking time only for A6-50P rotor

point.png High strength plastic rotor gives excellent balance to guarantee stable working

point.png Dual protection housing provides safer operation

point.png Gentle braking at low speeds with efficient separation

point.png Easy operation with intuitive menu and easy-to-read display

Clinical centrifuge is ideal for separation of whole blood components, such as serum, plasma, red blood cells as well as other bodily fluids.

Model No Maximum Speed Maximum RCF Rotor Capacity
LMCC-A103 (rotor 1) 4500 rpm 2490 × g 8 × 15mL, 12 × 10mL
LMCC-A103 (rotor 2) 4000 rpm 1800 × g 50 × 6mL, 15 × 6mL

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Clinical Centrifuge LMCC- A103