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Vertical Autoclave LMVT-A600 is a highly energy-efficient and space-saving autoclave with a loading capacity of 40 L working within a temperature range between 50 °C to 134°C. Designed with a high-resolution LCD display with eye monitoring features for clear inspection of operational status.Configured with an electric interlock system to allow authorized user access.

Specifications :
Capacity 40 L
Working Pressure 0.217 MPa
Time Range 0 - 99 h
Sterilizing Temperature 50 - 134 °C
Material Stainless steel
Power 3.5 kW
Voltage 220 V
Chamber Dimension 370 x 380 mm
Weight 95 Kg
Features :
  • -  Integrated with microprocessor control system
  • -  User-friendly digital display with LCD screen that allows intuitive operation
  • -  Improved with exhaust steam control system for convenient operation
  • -  Upgraded with automatic shut-off with alarm alert
  • -  Intended with a security control system that prevents protection against overloading and temperature deviation
  • -  Preset program to sterilize solid body
  • -  Provides temperature and pressure check interface
  • -  Stores the data from the last operation program
  • -  Uses 8 rotary extendable sticks to improve sealing and safety performance
  • -  Equipped with a safety valve, current leakage protector, and automatic fault detection
  • -  Enhanced with print function
Applications :

It is extensively used to sterilize surgical equipment, laboratory instruments, pharmaceutical items, and other materials.