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Vertical Autoclave LMVT-A101 is a highly energy-efficient vibration-free autoclave designed with fine-tuned control technology that offers safe and reliable sterilization of laboratory applications. Equipped with a unique rust-free stainless steel chamber that holds a capacity of 50 L and works within a temperature range of 134 °C. Enhanced with an auto-diagnostic control system which ensures auto discharge of cool air and steam for a better working environment.

Specifications :
Capacity 50 L
Temperature Range 134 °C
Pressure 0.22 MPa
Time Range 0 - 60 min
Chamber Size φ 340 × 550 mm
Material Stainless steel
Sterilizing Temperature 105 °C - 134 °C
Power 3 kW
Voltage 220 V
Heat Average ≤ ± 1 °C
Dimension 520 × 520 ×980 mm
Net Weight 50 Kg
Gross Weight 68 Kg
Features :
  • -  Enhanced with a clear LED display that shows all parameters for quick and convenient operation
  • -  Designed with corrosion-resistant stainless steel ensures hygienic cleaning
  • -  Intuitive and user-friendly microprocessor control system provides accurate and reproducible result
  • -  Worry-free maintenance with high reliability and usability
  • -  Simple handling with long-term safety and sanitation
  • -  Configured with automatic shut-down during power failure and sensor error
  • -  Integrated with alarm alert that triggers buzzer sound during over-temperature and over-heating
Applications :

It is extensively used to sterilize surgical equipment, laboratory instruments, pharmaceutical items, and other materials.