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Sulfur Analyzer LMSA-401 is portable and rugged design with low detection limits and high accuracy. Features quick analysis in 130 seconds per sample with minimum sample preparation. Intuitive interface displayed on large 8 inches touch screen. It is specially designed for on-board total sulfur content analysis in wide concentration range from ppm to percent levels. Vacuum based system for upgrade performance. Liquid, powder and solid type of samples are required. Data can be transferred to PC through USB port or Bluetooth.

Specifications :
Detector High Resolution SDD
Excitation Source 4 watts high efficiency micro tube 50kv Max, 200uA Max
Working temperature "-20 to 50°C
Test environment Air (4294) and vacuum (4294 Plus)
Measuring time per sample 130 seconds
Factory Calibration Low sulfur: 10ppm- 100ppm High sulfur: 0.01%-5%
Detection Limit of Sulfur 3.8 ppm (Air)- Compass 4294 1.0ppm (Vacuum)- Compass 4294 Plus
Instrument Dimension (L×W×H) 270×320×230mm
Sample Chamber Dimension (L×W×H) 170×110×17mm
Weight 9.4 kg
Operation touch Screen (1280×800) 8 inches Windows 10 based OS
External Connection USB Port, Blue-tooth, Wi-Fi, GPS
Test Report Excel, PDF
Consumables Sample test Mylar Oil analysis sample cup Sampling pipette Test window film
Features :
  • -  Routine analysis takes only minutes
  • -  Built for tough environments
  • -  Lower cost for daily analysis without any gas consume
  • -  User friendly software and one touch measurement start for testing
  • -  Low cost maintenance
  • -  It is an ideal tool for sulfur testing at sea, offshore or on land
  • -  High sensitivity with lower detection limit
  • -  High speed and accuracy
Applications :

Widely applied for analysis of sulfur content in bunker diesel fuels and Analysis of hydrocarbon samples of heating oil, kerosene, jet A, vacuum gas oil (VGO), and crude oil and Analysis of catalysts in the fuel- avoiding engine failure