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HbA1C analyzer LMHB-A401 is a completely automated with full touch screen. This analyzer can particularly test the concentration of hemoglobin in a blood or urine sample and gives the results in g/L and mol/L. Delivers reliable results in 4.5 mins with a sample volume of 3.4 UL. It is designed to provide quantitative lab quality results with test condition of temperature 17 to 32 °C, Humidity 15 to 75% R.H.

Specifications :
Operating System Fully automatic (1 step)
Measurement Time 4.5 min
Sample Type Capillary/Venous blood
Sample Volume 3.5 UL
Measurement Range HbA1c 4.0 to 15.0 % (20 to 140 mol/mol)
Operating Conditions Temperature: 17 to 32 °C, Humidity: 15 to 75% R.H, Air pressure: 860 to 1,060 HPA
Storage Condition Test kit: 2 to 30 °C, Analyzer 10 to 60 and 15 to 75% R.H
Shelf Life Of Test Kit 12 months
Display Full color touch screen
Additional Functions Internal printer, USB port, Ethernet, External bar code reader available
Rated Voltage 12V DC 3.33 A
Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions (W×L×H) mm 205x200x150mm
Features :
  • -  The test is performed in single step. Complete blood samples go in a single reagent cartridge
  • -  It provides you with the fast and accurate reliable results in 4.5 minutes
  • -  The processing temperature is 17 to 32 °C
  • -  It can evaluate 40 different samples
  • -  The results show high accuracy and great correlation
  • -  The analyzer can bear air pressure of 860 to 1,060 HPA
Applications :

This analyzers are often used to assess a range of red and white blood cells as well as hematocrit and hemoglobin levels from blood samples at high throughputs. When compared to manual approaches, this analyzer provides a greater precision value in a fraction of the time.