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Fixed Volume Fully Autoclavable Pipette LMFP-A107


Fixed Volume Fully Autoclavable Pipette LMFP-A107 is an autoclavable pipette enhanced with a fixed volume setting, ensuring consistent and accurate dispensing of a specific amount of liquid. Convenient handling of a sample with a loading capacity of 250 µL. Supplied with sterilization technique withstand autoclavable temperature up to 121 °C making it ideal for precise and aseptic laboratory process. Easily set and view operational parameters on volume display.

Specifications :
Test Volume 250 μL
Accuracy Error 0.4 %
Precision Error 0.2 %
Features :
  • -  Crafted with high-quality polycarbonate material ensures safety and long-term durability
  • -  Excellent durability and chemical resistance
  • -  Ergonomic design provides an excellent operating experience
  • -  Easy-to-read volume display
  • -  Minimal maintenance with effortless handling
  • -  Tool-free cleaning with safety and sanitation
Applications :

It is widely used in the medical field and laboratory for sample preparation, processing of serum or plasma, and reagent delivery in diagnostic tests.