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Dual Chamber Forced Convection Oven LMDO-A301


Dual Chamber Forced Convection Oven LMDO-A301 provides higher temperature consistency and faster recovery rates. It comes in an AC 220V, 50/60Hz configuration and can reach temperatures of up to 250°C with a quick ramp-up and recovery time. This oven features a 91 liters × 2 chambers capacity and a front window made of triple-paned safety glass for extra implosion protection. Because it has a fan-assisted air circulation system, the chamber ventilation and exhaust vent are simply adjustable.

Specifications :
Capacity 91 L × 2 chambers
Temperature Range Amb ±10°C to 200°C (Max 250°C)
Temperature Accuracy ±0.5°C
Timer 99 Hr 59 Mints
Shelves 4 EA
Temperature Controller Digital PID Controller, 5 pattern 18 steps
Temperature Regulator SSR Regulator
Thermocouple K (CA type)
Insulation Glass Wool
Window High Temp. safety glass/3 glass
Safety Device Circuit Breaker, Sensor Alarm
Fan Motor 1-16 HP
Heater Capacity 2.4 Kw
Power AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 1ɸ
Internal Material Stainless Steel
External Material Steel Plate with powder coating
Internal Dimension (W×D×H) 450×450×450 mm (× 2 chambers)
External Dimension (W×D×H) 1020×720×1420 mm
Features :
  • -  Intuitive and easy to use operating menu
  • -  Easy to open door handles
  • -  Current temperature and setting temperature is displayed separately on control panel
  • -  High efficient fan motor ensures uniform air circulation
  • -  Excellent temperature accuracy
  • -  Simple to use and maintain
  • -  Simultaneous display of set constant and measured temperature
  • -  Increased safety and self-diagnostic functions
  • -  Over-temperature limit function
  • -  Specialized ventilation opening function to control air circulation and exhaust gas
  • -  Height adjustable shelves to enhance end-users’ convenience regardless of the size of the reagent
  • -  Less and low noise operation with gentle air currents
  • -  Chamber and door is insulated by solid heat insulator
  • -  Quick Auto start and auto stop functions
  • -  Fast recovery time when opening the door
  • -  Comes with 4/6 shelves with height adjustment option
Applications :

These drying ovens are suitable for drying of every kind of laboratory glassware, drying of heat-sensitive materials, and sterilizing, aging, curing, softening, annealing and residue-free drying of intricately designed parts. Also used for temperature control functions in Life Science, Research and Material tests in industries and laboratories.