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DiaphragmVacuum Pump LMVU-A101


Diaphragm Vacuum Pump LMVU-A101 is a continuous oil-free pumping, low-noise diaphragm vacuum pump with an ultimate pressure vacuum of 0.08Mpa. The PTFE-based anti-corrosive pump makes it an ideal unit for handling toxic compounds. A non-stick surface avoids clotting of solid material and contaminants on the surface. The evacuation rate of 30L/min offers a high-cost performance with reliable quality and distinctive structural designs to meet the various needs of the laboratory.

Specifications :
Speed Of Evacuation 30L/min
Ultimate Pressure Vacuum 0.08 Mpa
Work Temperature 7 to 40 ℃
Motor Power 160 W
Pressure ≥ 30 Psi
Voltage 220V 50Hz
Inlet And Outlet 6 mm
Pump Head 1
Noise Level < 60 DB
Diaphragm NBR
Valves NBR
Dimensions (L × W × H) 230 × 180 × 265 mm
Weight 7.5 Kg
Features :
  • -  A standard high and low-temperature range of -190℃ to 260℃
  • -  Corrosion resistance, able to tolerate most of the strong acids, alkalis, oxidizers, reductants, and a variety of organic solvents
  • -  A non-stick surface prevents the solid material and impurities from conglutinating on the surface
  • -  Equipped with an anti-corrosive, Teflon-treated pump
  • -  Reliable quality and a unique structural design enable high-cost functioning
Applications :

It can be used for vacuum filtration, reduced pressure distillation, rotary evaporation, vacuum concentration, solid phase extraction, etc. in laboratories, hospitals and industries.