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Controlled Heating Mantle LMCHM-A104


Controlled Heating Mantle LMCHM-A104 is a fully spontaneous flexible heating mantle combined with a digital controller and motor that enables precise, low-speed stirring control for efficient heat transfer and fast boiling. It features a capacity of 2000 mL that works at maximum temperatures up to 380 °C. All parameters displayed on ordinary type display that allow quick recognition of working status. Enhanced with an electrostatic temperature controller that provides accurate results.

Specifications :
Capacity 2000 mL
Working Temperature 380 °C
Temperature Controller Electronic Thermostat Regulation
Display Ordinary Type
Power Consumption 500 W
Power Supply AC 110 / 220 V ; 60 / 50 Hz
Internal Dimension (Diameter x Height) 180 mm × 80 mm
External Dimension (Diameter x Height) 280 mm x × 215 mm
Net Weight 3.8 kg
Gross Weight 4.1 kg
Features :
  • -  Ordinary knob control for temperature setting
  • -  Electronic thermostat temperature regulation with continuous working
  • -  High-temperature resistance alkali-free glass fiber insulation
  • -  Nichrome resistive conductor weaved in the hemispherical insulating material
  • -  Rapid heating with temperature uniformity
  • -  Sufficient heating area with good heat preservation
  • -  It has two side handles to hold the case
  • -  Corrosion-resistant durable steel case with electrostatic surface treatment
Applications :

It is extensively used in research facilities, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and medical fields for chemical synthesis, distillation, reflux, and other reactions