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Constant Temperature Water Bath LMCB-A113


Constant Temperature Water Bath LMCB-A113 is designed with a large LCD screen for displaying the set temperature, current temperature, and all other parameters, equipped with a scratch-free stainless-steel chamber that holds a capacity of 14.5L Facilitated with a PID digital control system including a temperature range between RT +5 to 40°C. Easily cleanable with safety and longevity.

Specifications :
Capacity 14.5L
Temperature Range RT+5 to 40
Structure Single Hole
Precision ±0.1°C
Pump Volume 4L/min
Voltage AC 220V,50Hz
Power consumption 1000 W
Dimension 180×300×150 mm
Features :
  • -  Intelligent microprocessor control temperature
  • -  Audio and visible alarms with icons indicate alerts during temperature deviation
  • -  A powerful suction pump is included to offer a continuous heating source for the exterior tank
  • -  A seamless layout, which includes a cooling and warming system conserves lab space
  • -  Both the heating and cooling sources are constructed of resistance to stainless steel
  • -  RS485 connector is optional to record the parameters and variations of temperature
Applications :

It is used in pharmaceutical industries and laboratories to incubate the sample in water at a constant temperature over a long period of time. Ideal for constant temperature application in refractometry, polarimetry, and viscometry in biotechnology