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Benchtop Water Hardness Meter LMBHM-401


Benchtop Water Hardness Meter LMBHM-401 meter comes with a UK electrode. Stability indicator automatically shows present working status. It measures salts of calcium and other elements at mg/L, mml/ scale which causes hardness water. Automatic electrode diagnosis indicates the slope of sensor. It is equipped with large backlit LCD display, 2 to 5 points calibration with low to high concentration range. Stored data can be transferred into computer by using USB communication interphase.

Specifications :
Range (Concentration) 0.05 to 200mmol/L
Range (German Degree) 0 to 1122°dH
Range (English Degree) 0 to 1404°e
Range (French Degree) 0 to 2000°fH
Range (CaCO3) 0 to 19999 mg/L
Range (CaO) 0 to 11220 mg/L
Range (Boiler) 0 to 400mmol/L
Range (Ca2+) 0 to 8020 mg/L
Resolution 0.001, 0.01, 0.1, 1
Accuracy ±1% F.S.
Calibration Points 2 to 5 points
Calibration Solutions 0.01, 0.1, 1, 10, 100mmol/L
Temperature Range 0 to 105°C
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
Temperature Accuracy ±0.5°C
Offset Calibration 1 point
Calibration Range Reading ±10°C
Temperature Compensation 0 to 50°C, manual or automatic
Stability Criteria Low or high
Calibration Due Alarm 1 to 31 days or off
Memory Stores up to 500 data sets
Output USB communication interface
Connector BNC, 3.5 mm jack socket
Display Custom LCD (125×100 mm)
Power DC5V, using AC adapter, 220 V/50 Hz
Dimensions(L×W×H) 210×188×60 mm
Weight 1.5 Kg
Features :
  • -  Presence of stability indicator to robotically display current status
  • -  Calibration due reminder alerts user for calibration of the meter on regular basis
  • -  System menu provided with seven parameters
  • -  Equipped with stability indicator to robotically display current measurement status
  • -  Calibration due remainder prompts user to calibrate the meter consistently
  • -  Reset feature instinctively resumes parameters back to factory default options
Applications :

It is widely used in testing the hardness level of tap water, drinking water, filtered water, water used for different experiments and testing across food, textile, painting and other industries