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Bar Film Applicator LMBFA-A100


Bar Film Applicator LMBFA-A100 offers a coating thickness range of 0 to 5mm operating at a maximum speed from 2 to 180mm/sec. It is an automated instrument for constant layering on test surfaces. It consists of a stainless-steel blade without any grease with a precision level of 0. 003mm. It is simple to operate with a push-controlled button and easy to maintain with reliable performance.

Specifications :
Coating Thickness 0 to 5 mm
Coating Speed 2 to 180 mm/sec
Coating Accuracy 0.001 mm
Coating Size 300 ×400 mm
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Blade Accuracy 0.001 mm
Power Consumption 120 W
Power Supply 220V 50Hz
Dimension (L ×W ×H) 620 × 430 × 450 mm
Weight 52 Kg
Features :
  • -  Enhanced portable device with a compact structure
  • -  Comprises an electronic display for clear monitoring
  • -  Equipped with regular calibration to get accurate results
  • -  Designed for ease of use in applying wet film on diverse surfaces
  • -  Incorporated with safety glass bed ensuring consistency and replicability
  • -  Includes tool-free cleaning to improve protection and sanitation
  • -  Provided with smooth operation with simple adjustments
Applications :

Diverse sectors are included in coating, painting, material testing, quality control, thin film deposition, electronics manufacturing, nanotechnology, research, and development.