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Automatic Bomb Calorimeter LMABC-B100


Automatic Bomb Calorimeter LMABC-B100 It is engineered for the precise measurement of the calorific value of both solid and liquid combustible materials. Accommodating a bomb volume of 250 ml takes just 8min for test analysis. The Bomb Calorimeter is furnished with advanced features, including automatic oxygen filling and releasing, as well as a fully automated bomb raising and lowering system.

Specifications :
Calorimeter Type Isoperibol
Oxygen Filling Automatic
Bomb Volume 250 ml
Analysis Time < 8 min to 10 min
Bomb Washing Manual
Maximum Bomb Pressure 20 Mpa
Bomb Identity Yes
No. Of Tests 6/hour
Temperature Resolution 0.0001 K
Precision (RSD) ≤ 0.01 %
Heat Capacity Stability ≤ 0.25 %
Gas Requirement 99.5 % oxygen
Water Requirements Distilled water
Energy Measurement Range 0 to 50000 J
Bucket Filling Automatic
Stirring Method Propeller
Reproducibility 0.10 % (analysis of 1 g of benzoic acid)
Temperature Increase 2°C (average)
Temperature Measurement PT1000 (temperature probe)
Working Temperatures ≤ 32°C
Cooling Type Refrigerating device
Network Yes
Maximum Power 0.6 kW
Power Supply 220 V ±, 15 to 10 %, 50/60 Hz
Advance Calculations Yes
Main Body Dimension 440 × 550 × 460 mm
Water Tank Dimension 390 × 550 × 440 mm
Weight 50 kg
Features :
  • -  Innovative bucket water circulation system for automatic water volume determination
  • -  Convenient stainless steel oxygen bomb with easy assembly and disassembly
  • -  Inclusive intelligent water tank with both heating and cooling capabilities
  • -  Utilizes helix tube multipoint isothermal technology
  • -  Features independent jacket and bucket water systems
  • -  Boasts a substantial heat capacity, ensuring stable and precise results
  • -  Equipped with self-protection and self-diagnostic functions
  • -  Includes analysis, statistics reporting, and system monitoring capabilities
  • -  Unique crucible support design for user-friendly operation
  • -  Enhanced by a built-in propeller, ensuring rapid and effective stirring
  • -  Complies with internationally recognized standards, specifically ASTM D5865 and ISO 1928
Optional Accessories :

Accessories no. Name Unit Qty.
1 Ignition thread (500 pieces) Box Box 20
2 Standard Benzoic Acid (1 gm * 10 pieces) Bottle 10
3 Gasket Ring for Oxygen Filling Facility (big, middle, small) Set 15
4 Heating Crucible PC 60
5 Oxygen bomb gasket ring (big, middle, small) Set 15
6 Plastic insulation cover Set 5
7 Special Oxygen filling pipe PC 2
8 Electrodes Set 1

Applications :

It is primarily used in coal, petroleum, cement, agriculture, medical research, electronics, scientific research, quality control, and testing laboratories to measure the energy content of various materials, including fuels, food, and other combustible substances.