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ABS Centrifuge Tube Rack LMTR-A100


ABS Centrifuge Tube Rack LMTR-A100 is designed to provide a stable way for holding centrifuge tubes to store liquids or samples that require centrifugation for separation or analysis. Our tube rack enhanced with 25 well that accommodates a capacity of 50 mL for effortless handling of sample at reliable conditions. Constructed from durable materials such as high-quality plastic or metal to ensure stability and resistance to chemicals.

Specifications :
Tube Capacity 15 mL
No. of wells 50
Features :
  • -  Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • -  Temperature variance range (-80 °C to 121 °C)
  • -  Autoclavable
  • -  Color customization available
Applications :

ABS Centrifuge Tube Rack is widely used in microbiology and cell culture laboratories, to store tubes containing cell cultures, media, or other solutions.