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BOD Analyzer LMBOD-A101

BOD Analyzer LMBOD-A101

BOD Analyzer LMBOD-A101 is a microprocessor-controlled unit that operates within the measurement range of 0 to 4000 mg/L. It can process 12 samples each with a volume of 580 ml allowing for analysis of multiple samples. Our BOD analyzer caps feature an LCD screen for monitoring various parameters.

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Sample Capacity 580ml
Measuring Range 0 to 4000mg/L
Sample Processing 12 samples
Minimum Sample Volume 2mg/L
Accuracy ≤±5%
Repeatability ≤±5%
Temperature 20±1℃
Humidity ≤85%RH
Data Storage 5 to 7 days
Power Consumption 60W
Power Supply AC220V±10%/50-60HZ
Dimension 390 × 294 ×95 mm
Weight 6.5 Kg

point.png Single-button operation

point.png Automatic data recording

point.png Utilizes mercury-free manometric method

point.png Data storage support


Bod sensor
Bod bottle

BOD Analyzer is ideal for water quality monitoring, industrial monitoring, research development, and regulatory compliance.

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BOD Analyzer LMBOD-A101