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Automatic Gel Imaging System LMGS-503

Automatic Gel Imaging System LMGS-503

Automatic Gel Imaging System LMGS-503 is a highly integrated full-automated system designed for nucleic acid detection and documentation, with a simple and practical interface and time control guide. It has an F1.2, 8 – 48 mm motorized lens and a high resolution camera with 5.03 megapixels to produce 16 bit images. The unit is outfitted with a 302 nm UV-trans illuminator with a UV area of 21×21 cm and an LED light.

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Camera CCD
Pixel 2592×1944 (5.03MP)
Exposure Time 1 – 3000 ms
QE Value High QE: >65%
Binning 1 × 1
Bit Depth 16 bit
OD ≥4.8 OD
Lens Motorized 8 – 48 mm, F1.2
Trans - UV 302 nm
Epi- White LED
Trans White UV to white sample plate
Epi-UV 254 nm, 302 nm, 365 nm
Filters 590 nm
Uv Area 21 × 21 cm
Timing Off 1 – 60 min
Packing Size 460×475×725 mm
Gross Weight 31 Kg

point.png High resolution CCD camera

point.png High performance 6 times lens

point.png Specialized filter for nucleic acid dye

point.png Overlay glue cutting filter

point.png Easy to operate

point.png User friendly software

point.png UV smart trans illuminator

point.png Advanced pixel binning technology

point.png Blue and white light trans illuminator

It can be used to do nucleic acid test for various fluorescent dyes such as EB, SYBR Gold, SYBR Green, SYBR Safe, Gel Red Gel Green Texas, Red, and Fluorescein marked DNA/RNA.

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Automatic Gel Imaging System LMGS-503