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3D Tray Mixer LMTMX-A100

3D Tray Mixer LMTMX-A100

3D Tray Mixer LMTMX-A100 rotates in a three-dimensional circular motion and accommodates a capacity load of 1kg. With a speed range of 0 to 27 revolutions per minute, it blends small samples thoroughly. Our mixer maintains a gentle nature and avoids the formation of bubbles.

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Capacity 1 kg
Speed Range 0 to 27 rpm
Movement 3-Dimensional circular motion
Tray Mat Dimension 234 × 168 mm
Power Consumption 20 W
Power Supply AC100 to 240V 50/60Hz
Dimension 220 × 176 × 165 mm
Weight 1.7 kg

point.png Compact and Portable structure

point.png Integrates brushless motor known for its efficiency

point.png Featured with a silicone tray mat to prevent sliding

point.png Adaptable to diverse container types

point.png Equipped with an adjustable knob

Mainly used for mixing blood collection tubes, centrifuge tubes, culture bottles, culture dishes, etc in cell cultures, chemical research, pharmaceutical production, biotechnology, centrifugation, and medical diagnostics.

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3D Tray Mixer LMTMX-A100