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Paper Air Permeability Tester LMAT-502

Paper Air Permeability Tester LMAT-502

Paper Air Permeability Tester LMAT-502 employs cutting-edge technology to assess the air permeability of ultra-low thin sheets. The unit provides quick and simple results with various test methods such as Schopper, Bentsen and Gurley. It is a fully automated instrument controlled by a single chip microcomputer with a measurement range of 0 – 400 ml/min and a pressure difference of 1KPa. The unit has an LCD screen and a micro-printer for quick and clear printing.

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Measure Range 0 –400 ml/min, 0.00005 – 0.2 µm/Pas
Accuracy 10 – 5 µm/(Pas), 3×10 – 4 ml/min, 0.1s (Gurely)
Linear Error <1%
Measuring Area 50 cm2 (selectable)
Pressure Difference 0.05 KPa – 6 KPa
Power AC110 – 240V
Dimension 420×340×480 mm
Weight 28 Kg

point.png Designed with microcomputer control

point.png Whole test is fully automatic, fast and accurate

point.png Adopts an intelligent chip and load sensor to increase the test accuracy

point.png Equipped with English menu LCD screen with soft touch buttons

point.png Micro-printer, fast and clear printing

point.png It can set pressure difference based on the permeability of the product

point.png Data recording and processing functions

It is a special instrument widely used in testing the permeability ultra-low thin sheets of variety materials, such as paper, mica tape, thin film or other sheet objects etc.

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Paper Air Permeability Tester LMAT-502