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X-Ray Film Processor LMXFP-A101

X-Ray Film Processor LMXFP-A101

X-Ray Film Processor LMXFP-A101 is improved for the effective processing of X-ray films up to 14 inches of maximum film width. Incorporates a 5.2 L tank capacity and is equipped with a microswitch film feed sensor for effective processing. Operates at 20 to 40 ℃ temperature range with adjustable developing time of 20 to 60s.Through an effective drying process, films are fully dried for direct measurement and analysis.

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Film Size 3 × 6 to 14 × 17 inch
Maximum Film Width 14 inch (350 mm)
Tank Volume Capacity 5.2 L
Processing Time 105 s,135 s, 165 s
Development (DEV) Time 20 to 60 s (adjustable)
Development (DEV) Temperature 20 to 40°C(1℃ adjustable)
Dryer Temperature 40 to 65 ℃(auto adjustable)
Water Temperature Normal
Circulation Mode DEV< FIX >WASH>DRYER
Processing Capacity 80 sheets/hr (4 × 17 inch),120 sheets /hr (mixed 10 × 12 inch)
Film Feed-In Sensor Micro-switch
Anti-Oxidation 45 min interval
Anti-Crystallization 45 min interval
Replenishment Mode 20 to 200 ml/0.3 m²(automatic and manual-controlled)
Dimension 770 × 590 × 420 mm (without standing)
Water Consumptions 2-8 L/min when processing
Power Supply 110 to 220 V, 50 Hz / 8.8 A
Net Weight 45 Kg
Gross Weight 50 Kg

point.png Handles maximum film width up to 14 inches (350 mm)

point.png Included with processing capacity of 80 sheets/hr (4×17inch); 120 sheets/hr (mixed 10×12 inch)

point.png It is recognized as a CE & ISO certified product

point.png The efficiency of the processor ensures a fast and efficient film development procedure

point.png Involved in developing, rinsing, fixing, washing, and drying of circulation mode

It is employed in scientific and medical disciplines to ensure digital imaging technologies which lead to faster image acquisition, electronic storage, and the ability to manipulate and share digital images more easily.

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X-Ray Film Processor LMXFP-A101