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Walk-In Fume Hood LMWH-A102

Walk-In Fume Hood LMWH-A102

Walk-In Fume Hood LMWH-A102 is designed to protect sensitive biological applications against environmental pollution and cross-contamination by powder aerosol. Enhanced with an external exhaust blower for fast and quick operation with low power consumption. It stimulates an 1850 m³/h exhaust volume that works within the airflow velocity range between 0.3 to 0.8 m/s. A user-friendly control panel with an LCD screen allows intuitive operation for clear observation.

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Cabinet Size 70 Inches
Inflow Velocity 0.3 to 0.8 m/s
Exhaust Volume 1850 m³/h
Max. Door Opening Height 1300 mm
Blower External Blower
Glass Door Orientation Front Glass: Manual, Sliding type
Illumination Lamp LED Lamp (16 W)
Illumination ≥ 800 Lx
Noise 62 dB
Vibration ≤ 4 µm
Power Consumption 800 W
Power Supply AC 220 / 110 V ± 10 % ; 50 / 60 Hz
Internal Dimension 1580 × 600 × 1650 mm
External Dimension 1800 × 800 × 2200 mm
Gross Weight 350 kg

point.png User-friendly digital LED screen displayed all parameters of operational status

point.png Energy-efficient microprocessor controller ensures temperature and humidity control

point.png Supplied with resistance to weak acid and alkali

point.png Improved with backside air compensation, to avoid turbulence in work area

point.png Built-in centrifugal blower with adjustable air speed of about 9 levels

point.png Configured with efficient UV sterilization with 253.7 nm emission

point.png Integrated with activated carbon filter with working time of 3500 hrs

point.png Include memory function for power-failure conditions

point.png Chemical-resistant phenolic resin work bench

point.png Reduced contamination risk with anti-bacteria powder-coated steel body

Model No Name Quantity Image
LFHC-11 Exhaust Blower 1 (970 x 810 x 720 mm) LFHC-11
LFHC-12 Exhaust Duct (PVC) 1 (4 meters) LFHC-12
LFHC-17 Gas Remote Control 1 LFHC-17
LFHC-18 Gas Tap 1 LFHC-18
LFHC-22 LED Lamp 2 (16 W) LFHC-22
LFHC-31 Water Remote Control 1 LFHC-31
LFHC-32 Water Sink (PP Cup sink) 1 LFHC-32
LFHC-33 Water Tap 1 LFHC-33
LFHC-34 Water proof socket 4 (≤ 500 W) LFHC-34

It is used to protect lab samples and equipment from contamination. Commonly used in medical laboratories, medical industrial services, and food processing plants.

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Walk-In Fume Hood LMWH-A102