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Melting Point Apparatus LMMA-104

Melting Point Apparatus LMMA-104

Melting point device LMMA-104 utilizes a 420℃ to room temperature automatic visual inspection detection method. The data can be sent using a network interface, USB port, RS-232 port, or SD port. With 80 map saves, around 1000 bytes can be stored. It features a heating rate of 0.1 to 20℃ per minute and supports 32 GB of storage capacity.

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Temperature Range Room Temperature - 420℃
Detection Method Automatic/ HD Visual Inspection
Processing Capacity 4 pieces/ batch
Accuracy ± 0.3℃ (< 250℃); ± 0.5℃ (> 250℃)
Magnification 7
Repeatability 0.1℃/ min ± 0.1℃
Storage Capacity 32 GB
Heating Rate 0.1  – 20 ℃/min
Display Mode TFT high-definition true color screen
Interface USB/ RS232/ SD/ Network Port
Capillary Size OD: ⏀1.4 mm; ID: ⏀1.0 mm
Data Save 1000
Number of User Management 20
Map Save 80
Experimental Program 100 sets
Power 120 W, 220 V 50 Hz

point.png Safe, simple, reliable, and easy-to-use

point.png Automatic HD visual inspection detection method

point.png USB, RS232, SD as data interface

point.png PID precise temperature control

point.png Temperature range from room temperature to 420℃

point.png Heating rate of 0.1 to 20℃/ min

point.png Can save up to 1000 data

point.png Storage capacity of 32 GB

point.png Used in food, pharmaceutical industries

Melting point apparatus are used in food, pharmaceutical, biochemical, medical, mining, and water management industries to figure out the melting point of oil and fat.

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Melting Point Apparatus LMMA-104