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Horizontal Shaking Incubator LMSI-B200

Horizontal Shaking Incubator LMSI-B200

Labmate Horizontal Shaking Incubator LMSI-B200 is a high capacity incubator with constant temperature mainly used for culturing and preparing facilities. It provides a constant and consistent shaking with speed range of 3 0 to 300 RPM In particular, the spacious chamber and large bottle capacity is suitable for pilot-scale experiment and batch production for strain screening. It also has a high quality glass window for safety and to view the temperature, time and speed.

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Control P.I.D. (Environmental Scanning Microprocessor)
Display LCD (simultaneous display of working & set parameters))
Convection Mode High Speed Circulation
Oscillation Mode Orbital
Drive Single-shaft balance device
Working environment Temperature: 25°C.Humidity20%-90%
Temp. Range 5°C~60°C
Temp. Accuracy ±0.1°C
Temp. Uniformity ±1°C
Speed Range(rpm) 30-300 RPM
Speed Accuracy ±1 RPM
Oscillation Amplitude Φ25 mm
Heater Power 800W
Timing Range 0-999.59hr/Continuous
Tray Size(mm) 920 x 500 mm
Tray Number 1 pieces
Net Weight 159 kg
Chamber Size 970x550x460 mm
Overall Dimensions 1250x740x980 mm
Power 960 W
Power Supply AC 200-240V/50-60HZ. Optional: AC110V/60Hz
Chamber Material Polished stainless steel
Construction Steel with Powder Coating

point.png PID environmental scanning microprocessor controlled system

point.png Horizontal opening door with single pane observation window

point.png LCD display (with backlight) of set and working parameters

point.png Single-shaft drive technology

point.png Durable and no noise

point.png Pneumatic spring support for stable lid opening

point.png Audio Visual alarming system: High/low limit over temperature, high/low limit over speed alarm, stop-running protection for door opening, electric current leakage and over load protection

point.png Motor over-heat protection

point.png Programmed power cut-off abnormal temperature

point.png Repeat, increment (step) and 8-segment curve programming setting

point.png 120W AC inductive long-life brushless motor, maintenance free

point.png Acceleration control circuit ensures soft start, smooth acceleration and safety of samples

point.png Automatic stop of shaking when door is opened

Model No Particular Quantity
LMSI-B-SA01 Fluorescent lamp 1
LMSI-B-SA02 UV lamp 1
LMSI-B-SA03 Shaking tray 1
LMSI-B-SA04 Flask clamp 1

Model No Particular Quantity
LMSI-B-OA01 Humidity testing/control system 1
LMSI-B-OA02 Gas inlet 1
LMSI-B-OA03 Illumination system (15000Lux) 1

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Horizontal Shaking Incubator LMSI-B200