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Safety Container LMSH-B101

Safety Container LMSH-B101

Safety Container LMSH-B101 is a compact container enhanced with a leak-proof sealing system to provide a secure and identifiable solution for the storage and transportation of potentially hazardous materials. Featuring a loading capacity of 7 L provide safety handling of sample. Equipped with is securely sealed cap to prevent any unauthorized access or tampering. Our container is colored yellow for visual identification preserving a safe working environment, and avoiding environmental damage.

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Capacity 7 L
Material Polypropylene
Type Square
Colour Yellow

point.png Designed with polypropylene material is highly chemical resistant that offer long-term usability

point.png Equipped with prominently displayed warning marks on its sides

point.png Outfitted with a leak-proof sealing mechanism that prevents the leakage of contents

point.png Supplied with Sealed and Anti-piercing mechanism enhance its security via reducing the risk of accidental damage and potential leaks

point.png Upgrade with Yellow color improves visibility, it is simpler for employees to take the safety measures

Safety Container is mainly used in laboratories, pharmaceutical industry and research institute for storing and handling various chemicals, reagents, and biological materials safely.

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Safety Container LMSH-B101