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Safety Container LMSH-A100

Safety Container LMSH-A100

Safety Container LMSH-A100 is a specialized container designed to safely store and transport hazardous liquids. Our container comes in various sizes and designs to accommodate loading capacity of 1 L ensure convenient handling of sample. Improved with secure sealing mechanism, such as a gasketed lid or a spring-closing lid, to prevent the escape of vapors and liquids. Crafted with Yellow color is to provide a robust and visible solution for the secure storage and transportation of hazardous materials.

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Capacity 1 L
Material Polypropylene
Type Cylindrical
Colour Yellow

point.png Material: Polypropylene

point.png Leak proof sealing design

point.png Sealed and Anti - piercing

point.png Warning marks shown on the side of container

point.png Colour: Yellow

Safety Container is mainly used in laboratories, pharmaceutical industry and research institute for storing and handling various chemicals, reagents, and biological materials safely.

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Safety Container LMSH-A100