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Powder-Free Vinyl Gloves LMVG-B104

Powder-Free Vinyl Gloves LMVG-B104

Powder-Free Vinyl Gloves LMVG-B104 is a high-quality medical-grade blue vinyl glove that provides enhanced tactile sensitivity and dexterity and embraces hand protection against contaminants. Improved with user comfort in mind powder-free vinyl eliminates the risk of powdered-related allergies. Supplied with a wall-mountable triple gloves dispenser for convenient hygiene and ease of use.

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Glove Length 240 mm
Glove Width 115 ± 5 mm
Glove Size Extra Large
Finger Thickness 0.08 mm
Palm Thickness 0.05 mm

point.png Integrated with Polyvinyl Chloride Paste Resin material for convenient handling

point.png Improved with non-sterile confidence that embraces safety precautions for a workable solution

point.png Designed with beaded cuff features to facilitate easy donning

point.png Equipped with double layers of PVC / PU Films offer protection against external elements

point.png Glove texture location: Palm and Finger

point.png Color Availability: Clear, Blu

It is extensively used in research facilities, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and medical fields for clinical examination, and surgical procedures for sample handling.

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Powder-Free Vinyl Gloves LMVG-B104