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Portable X-Ray Machine LMXM-A100

Portable X-Ray Machine LMXM-A100

Portable X-Ray Machine LMXM-A100 is a highly efficient 5 kW portable high-frequency X-ray system, ideal for diagnosing and evaluating human limbs. Its KV adjustable range of 40 kV to 110 kV guarantees precise and consistent X-ray imaging. Integrated with an X-ray tube with a focus of 0.6/1.8 mm, contributing to high-quality imaging for convenient operation. All parameter displayed on a large LED display allows intuitive operation.

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Anode Heating capacity 40 KJ
Frequency ≥ 40 kHz
Exposure Time Range 0.01 S to 4 S
Maximum Output Power 5 kW
Nominal Power 50 kV,100 mA,0.1 S,5 kW
Focal Length 0.6/1.8 mm
KV adjusting range 40kV to 110kV, step adjustment is 1 KV
mA Adjusting Range 20 mA to 100 mA
mAs Adjusting Range 0.2 mAs to 200 mAs
Inner Resistance ≤ 0.5 Ω
Power capacity ≥ 5 kVA
Power Supply 220 V 50/60 Hz
Dimension 290 × 260 × 230 mm
Weight 18.8 kg

point.png Features a 6-segment LED display

point.png Press the power button in the upper left corner to start the host

point.png Deft and concise

point.png It chooses 48 kinds of presupposed anatomy memory patterns

point.png Simulation-based accuracy control with dual digital loops

point.png Ineffective self-defense and self-diagnosis

point.png Precise control of tube voltage and current

point.png Easy to use with a hand switch and remote control

point.png Portable in a suitcase and durable.

It is used to diagnose medical conditions in austere and remote settings, including battlefields, recreational areas, and veterinary clinics.

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Portable X-Ray Machine LMXM-A100