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Plastic Test Tube Rack LMTE-A104

Plastic Test Tube Rack LMTE-A104

Plastic Test Tube Rack LMTE-A104 enhanced with circular base with multiple holes or slots to hold test tubes securely offer a convenient way for the storage and handling of sample. Crafted with polypropylene material offer excellent chemical resistance ensures stability and easy handling. Improved with color coding marking allow quick identification and sorting of tubes. Our tube rack provides stability to the test tubes, reducing the risk of spills or breakage during experiments.

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Tube 10 - 13 mm
Places 90
Material PP

point.png Integrated with polypropylene material ensure safety and long-term usability

point.png Improved ergonomic design facilitates easy handling

point.png Enhanced with autoclavable include steam sterilization method that kills bacteria under high pressure

point.png Chemically Resistant

point.png Tool-free cleaning with minimal maintenance

Plastic Test Tube Rack is widely used for DNA extraction and purification procedures, protein purification, DNA amplification, immunoassays, and molecular diagnostic.

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Plastic Test Tube Rack LMTE-A104