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Plastic Reagent Bottle LMRB-A104

Plastic Reagent Bottle LMRB-A104

Plastic Reagent Bottle LMRB-A104 compact and lightweight reagent bottle designed with 15 mL loading capacity makes it perfect for holding and dispense laboratory reagents for analysis. Employed with polypropylene, polyethylene is chemical resistant to ensure that the container does not react or contaminate the stored reagents. Improved with a narrow neck and a tight-sealing screw cap or stopper to prevent evaporation and contamination.

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Capacity 15 mL
Material PE, PP
Color Natural
Height 62 mm
Diameter 24.5 mm

point.png Designed with polypropylene, polyethylene material that ensure safety and durability

point.png Utilized with leak-resistant caps or closures to prevent spills and leaks

point.png Intended transparent material, allowing users to easily observe the reagent level without opening the bottle

point.png Upgraded with graduated markings that, allow precise measurement and dispensing of reagents

point.png Autoclavable

point.png Pyrogenic free

Plastic Reagent Bottle is widely used in laboratories and research institute for storing and transporting various liquids, reagents, and laboratory solutions.

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Plastic Reagent Bottle LMRB-A104