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Plastic Reagent Bottle LMRB-A102

Plastic Reagent Bottle LMRB-A102

Plastic Reagent Bottle LMRB-A102 is designed for storing and dispensing laboratory reagents, chemicals, and other substances for analysis. It holds a capacity of 10 mL offering a productive and secure way to store and dispense. Our reagent bottles provide a surface that makes labeling simple and guarantees that the contents and concentration are clearly visible. Utilized with leak-resistant caps or closures to prevent spills and leaks.

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Capacity 10 mL
Material PE, PP
Color Natural / Black
Height 49 mm
Diameter 25 mm

point.png Material: Polypropylene, Polyethylene

point.png Leak-proof sealing design

point.png Resistant to chemical solution

point.png Autoclavable

point.png Pyrogenic free

Plastic Reagent Bottle is widely used in laboratories and research institute for storing and transporting various liquids, reagents, and laboratory solutions.

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Plastic Reagent Bottle LMRB-A102