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Oil Oxidation Stability Tester LMOT-A301

Oil Oxidation Stability Tester LMOT-A301

Oil Oxidation Stability Tester LMOT-A301 system includes special calculation software for automatically calculating the oxidation stability time, as well as a 7-inch LCD display with a temperature sensor controlled by a microcontroller processor. It consists of a metal bath that heats 3 g of sample at temperatures ranging from room temperature to 220°C. The instrument includes a diaphragm air pump dedicated to electronic air flow and can store data for up to 199 sets.

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Processor Microcontroller
Display 7-inch color LCD
Heating Method Metal Bath
Sample Size 3 g
Temperature Control Range Room Temperature to 220-℃
Gas Flow Control In-built diaphragm air pump
Air Flow Range 1 to 30 L/h
Conductivity Measurement Range 0-300 𝜇S/cm (0- 500 𝜇S/cm)
Conductance Resolution 0.1 𝜇S/cm

point.png Easy to use, safe, reliable, and highly efficient

point.png Microcontroller system

point.png Can draw sample’s conductivity curve at the same time

point.png Special diaphragm pump

point.png Real-time measurement data

point.png 7-inch color LCD Display

point.png Can store 199 sets of experimental result

point.png U-disk is used as an output function

point.png The output format is CSV or Excel

point.png It can be heated in either a single group or in multiple groups

point.png When the temperature exceeds 260-degree Celsius, the machine automatically stops

point.png Can compute the oxidation stability time of results automatically

point.png At 20 or 25-degrees, the sample’s induction time is automatically reduced

Serial No Name Unit Quantity
1 Oil Oxidation Stability Tester Tower 1
2 Computer Tower 1
3 Reaction Pool Set 4
4 Special Plug for reaction pool Set 4
5 Measuring Pool Set 4
6 Special Plug for Measuring cell Set 4
7 Snorkel Set 1
8 Detect Conductivity sensor Root 4
9 Gas Filter Set 1
10 Special Accessories for connecting the snorkel Set 1
11 Special Calculation Software for Oil Oxidation Stability Meter Set 1
12 Power Cable Root 1

Oil oxidation testers are used in the petroleum, chemical, and agricultural industries, as well as research and development laboratories, to determine the catalysts that remain after oil extraction. 

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Oil Oxidation Stability Tester LMOT-A301