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Nucleic Acid Extractor LMNC-801

Nucleic Acid Extractor LMNC-801

Nucleic Acid Extractor LMNC-801 extracts highly purified nucleic acid from a variety of samples using magnetic-particle technology. During operation, a temperature range of 10° to 40° C is permitted while processing 32 samples with a capacity of 1000 l in a single run with efficient use of bench space. It is an open system that can be easily operated using a 3.5" screen keyboard and a remote control pad; no external computer is needed. The system ensures high process safety, with the mechanic control system assisting in the reduction of intra-contamination.

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Processing Volume 30 – 1000 µl
Capacity 1 – 32 samples per run work
Efficiency of Magnetic Particles ≥ 95%
Heating Temperature Rt - 120°C
Temperature Allowed During Operation 10° to 40°C
Relative Humidity <80%
Processing Modes Multi-mode
Storage Capacity 15 preinstalled protocols
Pollution Control UV light
Computer Interface USB
Network Communication Ethernet
Power requirements AC110±10% / 230V, 50 Hz/ 60Hz ±1Hz, 600 W
Dimension (W×L×H) 440×435×445 mm
Weight 31.5 Kg

point.png High efficiency purification

point.png Unique remote control pad saving time and improves work efficiency

point.png Reliable results to depend on

point.png Easy, flexible and reliable new generation technology for rapid extraction

point.png Friendly and intuitive interface makes it simple to operate

point.png Can be easily operated using a 3.5” screen with remote control operation

point.png Protocols can be easily shared between main unit and pad, saving time and to improve work efficiency

point.png Hidden handle for easy movement

point.png Magnetic particle-based sample preparation ensures high performance of extraction procedures

point.png Temperature adjustable heating system on the block can also facilitate process of lysis and improve wash efficiency

point.png Designed to ensure great process safety and user convenience

point.png Intuitive visual alarm during experimental process to reduce potential contamination

point.png Precise mechanic control system helps reduce intra-contamination

point.png UV lamp decontaminates the inner surface of the system as needed

point.png Low noise operation

The unit has an extensive application range in the fields of molecular diagnostics, genetic identity testing, forensic testing, bio-medical research, gene expression analysis and Sequencing

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Nucleic Acid Extractor LMNC-801