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Low Speed Centrifuge LMLC-B100

Low Speed Centrifuge LMLC-B100

Low Speed Centrifuge LMLC-B100 is a table-top, stainless-steel construction designed for the low-speed centrifugation. Conveniently carry the process with minimal noise and zero contamination. Features OLED screen for monitoring real-time parameters. Built with alarm functioning, door lock and balance protection for reliable and safe operations. Comes with easy-to-maintain and less sound-emitting motors.

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Max. Speed 5000rpm
Max. RCF 4390×g
Capacity 4×500ml
Speed precision ±1% or ±20rpm
Time range 1 to 999min
Power supply AC 220B 50/60Hz Optional: AC110V 50/60Hz
Consumption 500W
Noise ≤65dB
External size (L×W×H) 620×450×350mm
Package size (L×W×H) 700×530×480mm
Net/Gross Weight 45kg/55kg

point.png Designed to withhold multi-stage shock absorption with a low vibration

point.png Real-time parameters like rotating speed, centrifugal force, and RCF are monitored using an OLED screen

point.png Integrated with microprocessor for precise control of operational parameters

point.png DC brushless motor drives are of low maintenance, dust free and run silently

point.png Built-in storage space for up to 20 programs with the microprocessor controller

point.png Enhanced with low-speed and high-speed controlling up to 10 levels

point.png Designed to stop without reverberation and the lid opens up automatically at the end

point.png Stainless-steel body with multi-layered explosion-proof covering and well ventilated

point.png Designed with an adaptor and cover remover to prevent cap removal during operation

Low Speed Centrifuge is widely used in scientific, medical and pharmaceutical and beverage industrial areas for its ability to separate components on their densities.

Rotor Name Max. Speed (rpm) Max. Volume (ml) Max. RCF (×g) Tube Size (mm)
Swing Rotor 01 5000 4×50/100ml 4390 13×75mm, 13×100mm
Swing Rotor 02 4000 4×12×5ml (Vacuum blood collection tube) 3500 13×75mm, 13×100mm
Swing Rotor 03 4000 4×12×2ml (Vacuum blood collection tube) 3500 13×75mm, 13×100mm

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Low Speed Centrifuge LMLC-B100