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Fully Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer LMKD-C201

Fully Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer LMKD-C201

Fully Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer LMKD-C201 is a compact unit designed for integrating distillation and titration functions with a measuring range of 0.1 mg to 240 mg N. Features a large LCD touch screen panel, 24-bit injection port faster ARM system and mini printer to print experimental data. The unit offers solvent tank with a capacity of 500 experimental analyses to operate efficiently. Equipped with excellent storage capacity where it can store up to 1 million pieces.

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Measuring Range 0.1 mg to 240 mg N
Repeatability (RSD) 0.5% RSD
Cooling Water Consumption 15℃ 0.5 L/min
Data Storage Capacity 1 million pieces
Steam Delay Function Yes
Titration Accuracy 0.2,0.4 ,1 .0 µL/step
Alkaline Adding Sequence Yes
Digestion Tube 300 ml
Titration Device 5, 10, 25 ml
Screen 10 inch Touch screen
Sampler Design Rotor
Sampling Method Tube Insert Directly
Sampler Condenser Material Metal
Sampler Splash Head Material Polymer Plastic
Sampler Position capacity 24 position
Sampler Port CAN
Inbuilt solvent bottles volume 4 × 15 L
Dimensions(L× W× H) 920 × 625 × 908 mm

point.png Designed with microcomputer controlled system ensures automatic completion of distillation, titration, calculation, printing and waste discharge

point.png Real-time detection of condensation temperature ensuring the test results are accurate and reliable

point.png Large LCD touch screen enables visual operation

point.png Real-time display of titration curve, informs the user about the working condition at any time

point.png Imported RGB color sensor technology eliminates the disturbance of ambient light and an accurate judgment

point.png Built-in mini printer to print experimental data according to their need

point.png Solvent tank with a capacity of 500 experimental analyses per fill increases laboratory efficiency dramatically

point.png Incorporated 24-bit injection port which eliminates cross contamination

point.png Operated in fully automated mode

point.png USB or RS 485 interface is optional for PC connection

point.png Maximum safety for the operator and excellent storage capacity

point.png User-friendly interface that simplifies the process

point.png Robust and stable design makes it more convenient for users to operate

Digestion Tube 10 Pc

Power cord 1 Pc
Alkali/Water/Acid Tank 3 Pc
Inlet Water Pipe 1Pc
Draining Pipe 1 Pc
Nylon Cable Ties 10 Pc
User Manual 1 Pc

Digesting Tube

Sealing Tubes
Sealing Ring

Kjeldahl Analyzer used to perform nitrogen analysis and protein determination in food & feed industry, environmental industry, chemical industry etc.

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Fully Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer LMKD-C201