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Auto hematology analyzer LMHA-A902

Auto hematology analyzer LMHA-A902

Auto hematology analyzer LMHA-A902 is built in with Triangle laser scatter technology which is used for the WBC differentiation and counting. It is provided with 10.4 inch of the digital screen which shows various parameters and also the fluctuation of the values. The analyzer uses 3 reagents for the process and can store 60000 output data. This instrument also follows colorimetric technique for analyzing hemoglobin. The instrument is designed and followsan impedance method for red blood cell and platelet counting.

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Throughput 60 Samples/Hour
Sample Volume 10 μL
Prediluted Mode 20 μL
Storage Up to 60000 results
Reagents 3 For Test
Dispaly Touchscreen 10.4-Inch
Built-In Barcode Scanner

point.png Analyzer sample volume is about 10 μL and the prediluted blood is 20 μL

point.png It has capability of storing 60000 results which are processed

point.png Analyzer has laser scattering system for WBC differentiation and counting of WBC

point.png It analyzes 60 samples per hour

point.png It has digital screen of 10.4 inch which shows the values on the screen

Thermal Printer Paper roll
Service Manual 1 pc
Waste bottle assembly(Hard)1 set

Hematology analyzers are used to run tests on blood samples. They are used in the medical field to do white blood cell counts, complete blood counts, reticulocyte analysis, and coagulation tests

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Auto hematology analyzer LMHA-A902