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Automatic Hematology Analyzer LMHA-A1001

Automatic Hematology Analyzer LMHA-A1001

Automatic Hematology Analyzer LMHA-A1001 has an intelligent scatter classification technology to obtain information on the size and internal composition of WBC, classify them and store up to 10,000 samples. To suit various requirements, the sample blood can be venous or capillary blood (pre-diluted) in the range of 15 to 20 µl. The digital filters effectively remove interference from impurity signals and the capacitive touch screen display improves the sensitivity of touch operation.

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Parameters 25 Parameters: WBC, LYM%, LYM#, NEU%, NEU#, MON%, MON#, EOS%, EOS#, BAS%, BAS#, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW-SD, RDW-CV, PLT, PDW, MPV, PCT, P-LCR, P-LCC
Performance Precision WBC: ≤ 4.0 RBC: ≤ 2.0 HGB: ≤ 2.0 PLT (103/ µl): ≤ 4.0 MCV: ≤ 3.0
Sample Volume Whole blood: 15µl Diluted blood: 20µl
Efficiency 60 T/H
Power Supply 220 V
Case Storage 10,000 samples
Display 10.4-inch capacitive touch screen
Dimensions (L × D × H) 328 × 471 × 446 mm
Weight 21 Kg

point.png 15µl venous blood sample volume required for classification

point.png Digital filtering to remove impurity signals

point.png Avoids errors by the partial overlap of basophil and leukocyte

point.png High efficiency and no hematology diluent or lysis reagent residue

point.png Curve-fitting and floating threshold technique

point.png Blood cell overlap through the well

point.png Multi-segment counting provides better biased results and improves test accuracy

point.png Touch screen display support operation with rubber gloves

Hematology Analyzers are used to run tests on blood samples. They are used in the medical field to do white blood cell counts, complete blood counts, reticulocyte analysis, and coagulation tests.

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Automatic Hematology Analyzer LMHA-A1001