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Freeze Dryer LMFD-501

Freeze Dryer LMFD-501

Freeze Dryer LMFD-501 is a PLC and PID microprocessor controlled and designed to process low temperature lyophilization in small scale production processes. Equipped with 2 Kg water absorption capacity condenser with shelf temperature ranges from ‐50℃ to 60℃. Gas circuits ensure strong water capturing and faster freeze drying. Embedded with PLC and PID control systems. Digital display indicates lyophilized curve and history curve. It can store 20 freeze-dry process programs, and each program can have 40 temperature settings. LCD display for shelf temperature and cold trap curve which enables modification of the parameters during the operation.

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Drying Area 0.1 m2
Shelf Layers 1
Shelf Temperature Range "‐50°C to 60°C
Shelf Size 280×400 mm
Cold Trap Temperature ≤‐50°C
Water Capture Capability 2kg/ 24h
Panel Mounted Liquid 1.5L
Ultimate Vacuum ≤10pa
Cooling Air cooling, room temperature <25°C
Dimensions 880×660×550
Machine Weight 80 Kg
Voltage 220V50Hz/110V 60Hz

point.png Pre-freeze dried in situ, high transmittance plexiglass for visualization and observation

point.png PLC, PID controller for operating 20 programs divided into 40 sections

point.png Un-deformable Square tray

point.png The dry inert gas can be disposed with a vacuum seal and an inflation valve

point.png LCD display enables to plot and modify the shelf temperature and cold trap curve by monitoring the parameters

It is widely applicable in batch or continuous free drying processes, pilot plant, vegetables, fruits, condiments, aquatic products, biological products, medicine, beverage preparation and test processes

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Freeze Dryer LMFD-501