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Electrolytic analyzer LMEA-A401

Electrolytic analyzer LMEA-A401

Electrolytic analyzer LMEA-A401 is digitalized with 5-inch touch screen. The complete test gives you about 60 samples per hour. This analysis can be done through two methods which can be automatic or manual operated. The equipment follows ISE (ion selection method) principle to generate a difference in electrical potential and a reference electrode.It is equipped with less maintenance electrodes with the lowest amount of reagent consumption.

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Method Either by manual or through automatic
Techniques Auto sampling, washing calibration
Principle ISE (ion selective electrode), Measurement of Tco2 by pressure method.
Sample Serum/Plasma/Whole Blood/Urine/CSF
Reagent Volume 1ml
Throughput 60 samples/hour
Printer Inner Thermal Printer
Display Large LCD
Storage Up to 1000 tests
Interface RS-232

point.png It has good auto sampling technique, washing and as well as calibration

point.png This analyzer can process 4 different sample which include serum/plasma/whole blood/urine/CSF

point.png The capacity of sample volume of this analyzer is around 80 to 150ul

point.png It gives you the good display with large size LCD for a better result after performing the test

point.png We can store Up to 1000 tests which are performed

It measures the electrolyte levels in the human body to detect metabolic imbalances and measures renal cardiac function. Primarily used in sodium, potassium, chloride in whole blood, serum and plasma

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Electrolytic analyzer LMEA-A401