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Coagulation Analyzer LMCA-A401

Coagulation Analyzer LMCA-A401

Coagulation Analyzer LMCA-A401 is a dual-channel coagulation analyzer. It is an automatic mixing instrument with 10 types of parameters and 5-point calibration of the samples and provides defined results. The user can view the results and parameters set on the LCD touchscreen. The equipment is offered with a micro printer to save the data and store 255 sample data. The given sample is preheated the position indicates 2x16 and the reagent preheated is 2x2.

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Channels Dual channel
Test Report Parameters PT (prothrombin time) APTT (partial thromboplastin time) TT (thrombin time) Fbg (fibrinogen)
Coagulation Factors Exogenous, endogenous) are expressed in terms of ratio, activation (A%) and international normalized ratio (INR).
Test Method Double magnetic route
Sample Consumption ≤200 uL
Reagent Consumption 50 uL to 200 uL
Temperature 37 ℃ ± 0.5 ℃
Adding Sample By a timing linkage
Precision CV ≤3%
Test Speed ≤300 s(depend on setting)
Sample Warming-Up 16/8 positions
Reagent Warming-Up 6/6 positions
Light Source Tungsten lamp
Operation Panel Membrane keyboard
Print Built-in micro printer (plain paper)
Dimension (L × W × H) mm 370 × 290 ×120 mm
Net Weight 4 kg
Gross Weight 6 kg

point.png Automatically indicate incubation time, detection reagents can be automated

point.png 255 result data can be stored in the analyzer

point.png It is easy to use device automatically, displays the incubation time and the reagent addition time

point.png It can automatically detect the reagents to be added to the reaction system and start the detection time automatically without connecting the detection start switch to the pipette

point.png Eliminate errors with its advanced technology of analysis, can adjust the incubation period

point.png It can adjust 10 sets of test parameters

point.png The result is accurate and unaffected by abnormal samples

It can be used to determine whether or not a patient has a bleeding or thrombus condition. PT (prothrombin time), APTT (partial thromboplastin time), TT (thrombin time), Fbg (fibrinogen) and curative effect are monitored.

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Coagulation Analyzer LMCA-A401