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Class N Tabletop Autoclave LMTA-A400

Class N Tabletop Autoclave LMTA-A400

Class N Tabletop Autoclave LMTA-A400 is a designed with specialized control system for well-balanced operation for sterilizing glassware and lab equipment. Improved with a 24 L open-type water tank that stimulates storage for easy operation. Enhanced with high-resolution LCD screen that display operational parameter of working status. Configured with latest auxiliary program that involve pre-heating and washing function with better working condition.

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Capacity 24 L
Temperature Range 144 °C
Sterilizing Temperature 105 °C to 138 °C
Working Pressure -0.1 Mpa
Power 2.6 kW
Voltage AC 220 V / 50 Hz
Chamber Size φ 250 x 450 mm
Dimension 660 x 530 x 450 mm

point.png User-friendly LCD display for perfect inspection of intuitive operation

point.png Improved with automatic shut-off function for better working environments

point.png Integrated with safety feature that include alarm alert to prevent protection against overloading and over-temperature

point.png Enhanced with an inner steam circulatory system for effortless handling

point.png Worry-free maintenance with safety and sanitation

point.png Easy Cleaning with high reliability and durability

point.png Equipped with unique rust-free stainless steel ensure long term usability

It is extensively used to sterilize surgical equipment, laboratory instruments, pharmaceutical items, and other materials.

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Class N Tabletop Autoclave LMTA-A400