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Chemiluminescence Imaging System LMCS-601

Chemiluminescence Imaging System LMCS-601

Chemiluminescence imaging System LMCS-601 is a cutting-edge integrated device for imaging chemiluminescence gel with a CCD camera that has an unusually high quantum efficiency for improved sensitivity and dynamic range. It features a -45°C cooling temperature, an F/0.8 motorized lens, a 15.2 ´ 15.2 mm CCD sensor size, and a 605 MP resolution. Long exposures with the 16-bit (65536 grayscale) CCD camera result in less background noise. The gadget has a wider linear range, stronger sensitivity, and the ability to detect much weaker signals.

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Cooling-down method Three layer semiconductor refrigeration
Temperature 65℃ below ambient temperature (absolute temperature -45℃)
Optical Quantum Efficiency High Qe:≥80%
Image integration 1 × 1,2 × 2, 3 × 3, 4 × 4, 6 × 6, 8 × 8
Data bits 16 bit(0-65536 Gamma)
Dynamic range > 4.6 by the orders of magnitude
Pixel point size 6.45 × 6.45 𝜇m
CCD sensor size 15.2 × 15.2 mm
Dark current < 0.0005 e-/pixel/sec at -45℃
Read Noise 5.5e- RMS at 12 MHz
Illumination Source LED
Controlling System Highly programmed computers
Timer Shutdown 1 – 60 min
Photo area 150 × 200 mm
Signal noise 40.5 dB
Shutter control Electronic shutter
Interface Standard C interface
Dimensions (L × W × H) 390 × 350 × 590 mm

point.png It is simple, safe, reliable, and user-friendly

point.png The system is compatible with windows 2000/XP

point.png Molecular weight, optical density, and mobility calculation

point.png Provides rectangle, ellipse, straight line, and other annotation tools

point.png Analysis operations can be infinitely done and redone

point.png Images can be transformed

point.png Highly programmed computers to control

point.png Fully automatic optical focusing

point.png Lens with high permeability for automatic focusing

point.png 2750 × 2200 (605 megapixel) effective pixels

Chemiluminescence Imaging Systems are used for detecting proteins, reading ELISA plates, getting high-quality images of DNA and RNA bands, and molecular biology, biotechnology, genetic engineering, etc.

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Chemiluminescence Imaging System LMCS-601