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Low Air Permeability Tester LMAT-502 employs cutting-edge technology to assess the air permeability of ultra-low thin sheets. The unit provides quick and simple results with various test methods such as Schopper, Bentsen and Gurley. It is a fully automated instrument controlled by a single chip microcomputer with a measurement range of 0 – 400 ml/min and a pressure difference of 1KPa. The unit has an LCD screen and a micro-printer for quick and clear printing.

Specifications :
Measure Range 0 –400 ml/min, 0.00005 – 0.2 µm/Pas
Accuracy 10 – 5 µm/(Pas), 3×10 – 4 ml/min, 0.1s (Gurely)
Linear Error <1%
Measuring Area 50 cm2 (selectable)
Pressure Difference 0.05 KPa – 6 KPa
Power AC110 – 240V
Dimension 420×340×480 mm
Weight 28 Kg
Features :
  • -  Designed with microcomputer control
  • -  Whole test is fully automatic, fast and accurate
  • -  Adopts an intelligent chip and load sensor to increase the test accuracy
  • -  Equipped with English menu LCD screen with soft touch buttons
  • -  Micro-printer, fast and clear printing
  • -  It can set pressure difference based on the permeability of the product
  • -  Data recording and processing functions
Applications :

It is a special instrument widely used in testing the permeability ultra-low thin sheets of variety materials, such as paper, mica tape, thin film or other sheet objects etc.